Will Pink Hair Dye Go Over Red? (No, Here’s Why)

will pink hair dye go over red

It can be difficult to know what options you have when it comes to changing your hair colour once you have it dyed to some tone of brilliant red. Fortunately, if you just want a slight change to pink, there are ways to achieve this look. 

Take note, however, that while there are ways to achieve this, pink hair dye cannot go directly over your red colouring. Unfortunately, this process will only exacerbate the red in your hair, leaving you with hair that appears redder than a firetruck.

Continue reading to learn more about how to dye your hair pink when it’s red, including whether pink hair dye will go over red, how to die your hair pink from red, as well as other colours that you can use to cancel out your red hair colour, and more.

Will Pink Hair Dye Go Over Red?

No, unfortunately, you cannot use pink hair dye to completely cover the red colour in your hair. Due to the fact that the colour pigments in both of these colours are similar, applying pink hair dye to hair already dyed red will only exacerbate the red colour.

How Do You Dye Your Hair from Red to Pink?

Applying A Semi-Permanent White Dye

The first and best way to colour your hair pink from red is to use a semi-permanent white dye. Yes, you read that correctly. This dying method is also suited for all hair types, including both dry and damaged hair.

For example, when you apply semi-permanent white hair colour on dark red hair, the overall effect is dark pink, bold, and deep. On the other hand, if you have light red hair, the outcome will be bright pink, passionate, and romantic.

Of course, this colour will, unfortunately, fade when you wash your hair, as with any semi-permanent colour. Therefore, you’ll have to reapply the white hair colour solution over time if you want to maintain a fresh pink colour. 

Fading the Red Colour With Colour-Corrosive Products

The second alternative, which will take longer, is to fade the red with colour-corrosive items like dandruff shampoo. These products often include a greater concentration of sulphates, which are detergents that quickly damage your colour. Take note that, as a result, these products should only ever be used on healthy hair.

To use these products to obtain a pink colour in your red hair, wash your hair daily for three days and see how your red colour fades. Once the pink colour has gone, you may then apply your preferred pink semi-permanent hair colour.

What Colors Can You Dye Over Red Hair?

While red is often the colour that most stylists dread, have no fear! If done properly, red hair can be changed and styled to go both lighter and darker. Take note, however, that the way you go about dying your hair will depend on the final look and colour you choose.

For example, if you desire a lighter colour, you can’t just dye your red hair. A separate lighting must first be performed before employing the new shade of colour. 

This is due, in part, to the fact that you may need to use bleach or a colour remover during the operation, and also because the dye colour you pick will be dependent on how much red is left after this process in order to suitably neutralize it to the new shade you choose.

On the other hand, all that is necessary to produce a deeper, darker hair colour is the application of a fresh dye; the selected colour, however, must be able to successfully darken the hair and balance the red tones. If it is chosen incorrectly, these tones won’t have been balanced, leaving you with a red tint in the new shade.

Can You Put Hair Dye Over Red Hair?

Unfortunately, you can’t just slap a different hair dye colour over the red and hope for the best. More often than not, when you put hair dye directly over hair that has already been coloured, the colour won’t properly lighten, and if the hair dye is the wrong shade, it won’t even out the red tone.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with your reddened hair if you don’t like the shade. Contrary to common assumption, red is not always the hardest colour to remove; in fact, it may often be done quickly and easily. 

Overall, the best and easiest method when dyeing red hair lighter is to apply a hair dye remover to strip out as much of the artificial colour as possible. 

What is Considered the Best Colour to Dye Your Hair to Cover a Previous Red Colour?

Green is unquestionably the best colour to completely cover red hair.

Green cancels out red because it is the polar opposite of red. Green is, likewise, a cooling colour, thus layering it over red tones will either tone down or entirely eliminate the warm colour in your hair entirely.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a colour that appears a little more natural, black hair dye works to cover almost every hair colour possible.

Final Thoughts

Once your hair has been dyed a certain shade of red, it can be challenging to know your options when it comes to altering its colour. Fortunately, there are ways to make every colour possible!

When it comes to dying your hair pink from red, take note, that pink hair dye solutions cannot be applied directly over red skin. Unfortunately, doing this will only make your hair appear even redder, making it look like a firetruck. 

Overall, the easiest way to dye your hair pink from red is to either use colour-corrosive chemicals or use a semi-permanent white dye.

On the other hand, applying a new dye is all that is required to get a deeper, darker shade of hair. The chosen colour, though, must be able to adequately darken the hair and balance the red tones. Incorrect selection will result in an unbalanced combination of these tones, giving the resultant colour a red tinge.

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