Will Spray Deodorant Work as Dry Shampoo? (Yes, Here’s Why)

will spray deodorant work as dry shampoo

If you have recently run out of dry shampoo, you might be wondering, will spray deodorant work as dry shampoo? Can you swap the two, or will this make your hair look strange and greasy?

Many people are looking for solutions to keep their hair looking bouncy and clean at all times, and dry shampoo is a great option – but what happens if you run out and you’re in a pinch? You might have heard that you can use spray deodorant instead.

Spray deodorant can sometimes be used as dry shampoo and it will help to soak up oils from your hair, making it look less greasy. It also contains alcohol, which makes your hair appear smoother and cleaner. However, it isn’t a perfect swap and it could cause dryness, dandruff, and scalp irritation.

Dry Shampoo Alternatives

Dry shampoo is a great product that is applied to dry hair, and it doesn’t need to be rinsed out. Dry shampoo contains alcohol or starch, and these soak up oil and grease from the hair’s follicles. This makes your hair look freshly washed, even though you haven’t rinsed the shampoo out. It is a useful tool that many people utilize in daily life.

However, sometimes you’re going to find that you don’t have any dry shampoo, and then you might be wondering, can deodorant be dry shampoo? Deodorant will work as dry shampoo to some degree, because the alcohol in it will make your hair sleek and help to pull oils out of the strands.

If you are dealing with an emergency, therefore, deodorant might be a solution, but on the whole, it’s better to use proper dry shampoo. Deodorant was designed to combat bad odors by using a mixture of chemicals that work together to mask the odor, usually creating a pleasant scent on top.

Deodorant was therefore not designed to absorb oils or disguise grease or dirt in the hair. It does not have the same absorbent properties as dry shampoo, and might cause frizziness or tangling.

The answer to “can we spray deodorant on hair?” is a clear YES, but you may notice that it is less effective, and your hair doesn’t behave as it would with dry shampoo. If you want to do this, you should test it carefully at home.

There are other products that you can use in place of dry shampoo. Some people find that things like baby powder work well, for the same reason; they are absorbent and they will pull the grease out of your hair follicles and disguise it.

Can You Put Deodorant On Your Scalp?

You might be worried about applying deodorant to your scalp in case this causes damage to the skin there. In general, deodorant will not do any harm to your skin, as it has been designed for use on the skin and shouldn’t contain any irritants. However, some people do find that they react to certain kinds of deodorants.

You should always use the deodorant on another part of your body first to test whether it causes any irritation or soreness. If it does, do not use it on your scalp, because it is likely to irritate the skin there as well.

Overall, deodorant should be safe for use on your scalp if it does not cause reactions anywhere else on your body. You can apply it to your hair as you would to any other part of your body, and it may help to decrease the appearance of greasiness. However, if you do get a reaction, you should wash it out as soon as possible and avoid using it again in the future.

Spray Deodorant is Not Bad For Your Hair

You might feel a bit unsure about the idea of using spray deodorant in your hair. In general, it won’t be bad for your hair, but you should bear in mind the fact that it has not been formulated with the hair or scalp in mind, and it may not be very good for it.

If the deodorant has a high alcohol content, it may dry your hair out and cause damage to the follicles, especially if you use it repeatedly. Although the alcohol is what helps it to absorb grease from the hair and makes it look better, the alcohol in deodorant may be too strong for your hair.

Some people also notice that spray deodorant causes dandruff in their hair. This is likely because it is drying your scalp out and causing it to flake, upsetting the pH value. Since dandruff can be a difficult problem to combat anyway, this is best avoided if possible.

In a pinch, you may be able to get away with using spray deodorant in your hair once or twice, but do not do this consistently. It is a good idea to test it at home before going out like this, just in case your hair reacts badly to the deodorant.

Do I Need To Wash My Hair After Using Spray Deodorant As Dry Shampoo?

You should make efforts to wash and rehydrate your hair as soon as possible after using a spray deodorant, yes. Make sure that you use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and ensure all of the deodorant has been washed out of your hair. It is a good idea to do this on the same day as using the spray deodorant if possible.

Remember that neither spray deodorant nor proper dry shampoo will remove the grease and debris from your hair as a whole; they just pull it off the follicles and make it less visible. You do need to wash your hair with proper shampoo and water in order to make it clean again.


So, the short answer to the question “can deodorant be dry shampoo?” is that it can, but you may not get great results from using it in this way. Deodorant is not intended for use on your hair, and it may produce unpredictable results, including stickiness, frizziness, and an undesirable appearance.

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