Your Hair Looks Bad no Matter What? (Here’s Why)

my hair looks bad no matter what

your hair looks bad, it could look dry, thin, damaged, or in some cases, lack of a shine. It should be noted that there are some people who have dandruffs which can be very persistent and stubborn.

A study by Yale University found out that when people have bad hair, they feel less sociable, less smart, and less capable. It is therefore important that you ensure that your hair looks good all the time, whether you are at home, or whether you are outside your home.

This article is going to evaluate why your hair looks bad no matter what and what to do when your hair looks bad:

Why Does My Hair Look so Unhealthy?

There are several reasons why your hair may look bad and unhealthy. To start with, bleaching and dying of the hair may look like a harmless thing to do, but in the long run, it can make your fair look very unsightly and unhealthy. This is because it makes the cuticles open and porous. Exposure of your hair through such processes leads to split ends and breakages.

A poor diet can lead to a very unhealthy diet. When you take a poor diet, your hair may look thin, weak, and may not have a shine. Lack of sufficient protein may lead to a very unhealthy-looking hair.

There are some external factors that can make your hair look bad, and these are usually related to the environment. Such factors include pollution and heat. People who live in areas with a high level of industrialization could notice that their hair is bad.

Unfortunately, genetics play a big role when it comes to the way the hair looks like. And in this case, there is very little that you can do about this.

How Do I Know if My Hair Looks Bad?

If you see your hair looking dull and boring, then it is time that you worked on it. If you have healthy hair, it should come with a natural shine. If you shampoo this kind of hair, and still find it dull, then you should know that the hair is already damaged. If you see your hair being left on the shower, or being pulled out easily, then you should know that your hair is already damaged.

Causes of dull hair include and not limited to the use of hormonal pills, deficiency in vitamins, the wrong dye, and being exposed to life stressors such as a harsh working or studying environment.

If you are not able to determine if your hair looks bad, you can have a hair strand examined under a microscope. If your hair looks good, it will appear homogenous, smooth, and will have well-closed scales. If you have damaged hair, it is going to be open and irregular. However, this process is usually done in a professional consultation and you may not have the skills to make this evaluation.

What Do You Do When Your Hair Doesn’t Look Good?

Even if your hair looks bad, the good thing is that this is not a permanent solution, and it can be reversed. All that you should is to be careful in order to choose the right and consequential methods of doing this.

It is important that you avoid taking processed foods. Processed foods are generally not healthy foods, they are not good for your health, and they are not good for your hair too. This is because processed foods have a deficiency when it comes to natural nutrients.

There are some foods which are going to make your hair look good. According to webMD, such foods include the following: salmon, Greek yoghurt, spinach, guava, and cereals. Other healthy food products for your hair include fatty fish, sweet potatoes, nuts, red meat, and almonds. Choosing the right food will enhance the texture and the growth of your hair.

When you are using products for your hair, it is important that you choose the right quantity for your products. In other words, do not use too much or too little of any product. The best thing to do is to follow the instructions on the label. Through this, you are not going to damage your hair.

How Can I Make My Hair Look Better?

The choice of your hair stylist goes a long way in ensuring that your hair looks better than it is. There are several factors that you should look for when you are choosing a hair stylist or a hair salon.

To start with, the best thing to do is to ask for referrals from your family and friends. Your family and friends will be informed of the best salon services available, and the quality that is offered. Second, it is advisable that you choose a hair salon that is hygienic.

Third, there are some hair salons which have a Facebook page or a website. Check the products and services that are provided by such a business, and see of they fit what you would want. Most importantly, be sure to check the online reviews so that you can rate the business and see if it is worth it.

Lastly, it is very important that you choose a hair stylist that you can afford. Remember, it is important to be seeing one hair dresser, rather than moving from one business to the other. If you choose one hair dresser, he or she will know your needs and preferences, and will be able to attend to you in the best way possible.


It is important that you be mindful of the way your hair looks. Making such a decision will help you to get a good impression about you, and others will have a positive attitude about you. In addition to that, you are going to improve your level of self-confidence. Overall, having a healthy and nice hair is very good for your health, appearance, and self-esteem.

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